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On Track 2018 Read More

The Transitway will close from Blair to Hurdman for light-rail construction, leading to many routing changes in the east-end and service changes at Hurdman, Train, St-Laurent and Lees stations. On June 28, we’re also moving to our summer schedules and expanding service in Kanata, Orléans and Stittsville.

Find out how your route will change

Para Transpo automated phone system unavailable Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm Read More

The Para Transpo Interactive Voice System will be out of service on Saturday, May 23, from 11 am to 10 pm. To cancel a trip or get information about booked trips, please call 613-244-4636.

Park & Ride construction at Place d’Orléans, Terry Fox and Eagleson Read More

We’re currently making accessibility improvements to the Place d’Orléans, Terry Fox and Eagleson Park & Ride lots. The lots remain open but some portions are affected. All accessible spaces and some Gold parking spots have been relocated nearby. Please watch for and obey all signage!

Map of Place d'Orléans Park & Ride construction
April 20 to May 18 approx.

Thumbnail of Map of Place d'Orléans Park and Ride Construction

Map of Terry Fox Park & Ride construction 
April 27 to May 21 approx.

Thumbnail of Map of Terry Fox Park and Ride Construction

Maps of Eagleson Park & Ride construction

Thumbnail of Map of Eagleson Park and Ride Construction

Northeast portion
Construction runs from May 7 to June 4 approx.

Southeast portion
Construction runs from May 14 to June 9 approx.

Western portion
Construction runs from May 1 to May 28 approx.

2014 Transit Services Customer Survey Highlights Read More

We released highlights of the 2014 Transit Services Customer Survey. The results showed positive feedback in many areas. For example, 78% of customers rated OC Transpo as good or very good and 90% said they feel safe and secure using transit.

Transit Services 2014 Customer Survey Report

Closure of Billings Bridge Pedestrian Link Read More

From Monday, April 20 until approximately June 22, the pedestrian bridge between the Billings Bridge mall and the transit station will be closed for repairs. During this period a FREE SHUTTLE will be available approximately every 15 minutes, 7 days a week during Mall hours (see diagram below for mall hours).

Pick-up and drop-off locations for the shuttle will be at:
     1.  Main Entrance of Billings Bridge Mall
     2.  Transitway - local platform near the pedestrian  bridge entrance

Alternatives to the shuttle:
     1.  Stairs adjacent to pedestrian bridge and crosswalk
     2.  Sidewalk shown on diagram below

Billings Bridge Shuttle Map

Starting this September, Algonquin College students will be using the U-Pass! Read More

On March 13, 2015, OC Transpo, Algonquin College and Algonquin Students’ Association signed a Universal Transit Pass (U-Pass) Agreement. Algonquin College is the fourth local post-secondary institution along with Carleton University, the University of Ottawa and Saint Paul University to adopt the U-Pass.

Starting this September, Algonquin College students will be using the U-Pass!: Read More

You need to renew your PRESTO card Community Pass discount every two years Read More

If you received your first PRESTO Community pass in 2013, you need to renew it this year before the discount expires. Find out your renewal day at prestocard.ca or in person at an OC Transpo Sales & Information Centre.

How to renew your Community Pass discount

PRESTO Transit Usage Report for tax purposes available Read More

If you have a registered PRESTO card, you can download your Transit Usage Report from prestocard.ca as of March 1. It gives a summary of PRESTO travel details you can use to help determine your eligibility for the Public Transit Tax Credit.

PRESTO Transit Usage Report for tax purposes available: Read More

Bayshore pedestrian overpass closed until mid-October Read More

The overpass that links Bayshore station with the shopping centre will be closed from Monday, January 19 until approximately mid-October for parking garage construction. You will be able to access the mall by crossing at ground level.

Map of Bayshore station featuring the closure of the pedestrian bridge

New service to Tanger Outlets 7 days a week Read More

Routes 96A and 196 now serve the new Tanger Outlets mall. Route 96A continues to provide service on weekdays from 7 am to 7 pm, while the 196 runs after 7 pm and on weekends.

New service to Tanger Outlets 7 days a week: Read More

Transportation Safety Board Update Read More

A memorandum has been posted on ottawa.ca from the City Manager regarding the recent safety advisory letters from the Transportation Safety Board concerning the September 18th, 2013 bus-train collision.

Transportation Safety Board Update: Read More

Revised Kanata North Service Read More

A new service for Kanata North will go into effect December 22, 2014. It will include a new Route 64 and changes to Routes 60, 68 and 181.

Revised Kanata North Service: Read More

Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report Read More

The report on naming Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit system and lines is now available. It will be presented to the Transit Commission September 17.

Read the Light Rail Transit System and Line Names report

PRESTO card readers are updated at least 3 times a day Read More

PRESTO was upgraded to reduce the time it takes to update all the readers on the bus. Your online or phone purchases are now transmitted to the buses at least three times every day — and as often as six times in a day!

This means the purchases you make in the evening will be waiting for you when you tap your card on the bus the next morning.

OC Transpo is currently the only transit system using a cellular connection for PRESTO — other transit companies are updated just once a day using a Wi-Fi connection.

Transit Safety is a priority Read More

Ottawa is a safe city and transit services play a significant role in providing a safe environment for riders who use our services. Safety and security for customers and employees remains a primary focus for the department. The continued focus on safety programs and messages has resulted in maintaining a safe environment for everyone. A safe travelling and working environment is a primary focus for transit services.

In 2013 there are a number of initiatives underway that will ensure that the safety of customers and staff is maintained. The increased focus on working with community partners and our union representatives will ensure that we continue to provide safety and security for all.

Safety initiatives

Make the safe stop with OC Transpo - now after 7 pm! Read More

After 7 p.m., if you feel anxious about getting off at your regular stop, ask the driver to let you off along the route closer to your destination.
Safe Stop is part of the OC Transpo TRANSECURE Program

More info on Safe Stop

Presenting the Confederation Line Read More

We’re about to embark on the largest infrastructure project in our city’s history – Phase 1 of Ottawa’s Light Rail Transit System. It’s called the Confederation Line.

For more information on the Confederation Line

2013 Customer Survey Results Read More

2013 Customer survey indicates overall satisfaction with transit service is at 80%, the highest level in five years.

View the survey results

Courtesy and Respect Read More

Transit is a shared space and everyone is entitled to a safe and harassment-free ride.

more travel tips

Automatically renew your PRESTO pass Read More

When you order a registered card online it will have to be "activated" before you can use it. Activate your card at prestocard.ca, or by phone.

... more information on renewing your pass

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PRESTO - Pay Per Ride

Use your PRESTO card to pay-per-ride!

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Express homebound/outbound

Regular fare on Express routes, at selected bus stops

Express homebound/outbound: Find out more

Autoload & Auto Renew

Your card will never run out or go into overdraft with:

  • Autoload – puts more money on your card when you reach the minimum.
  • Auto Renew – puts next month’s pass on your card.

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