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Today’s Service

Check below for trip adjustments or detours.

Today’s Service

Check below for trip adjustments or detours.

Public Transit In Canada's Capital

Image of Colonel By Day (Civic Holiday), Monday, Aug. 1

Colonel By Day (Civic Holiday), Monday, Aug. 1

Buses and the O-Train Trillium Line service will follow a Sunday schedule but Routes 8, 94, 95 and 105 will offer extra service. Use the Travel Planner to find the best options for your trips this Colonel By Day! Para Transpo will run a holiday service and automatically cancel all regular scheduled trips: book your Colonel By Day trips on or after July 28. Holiday office hours »

Image of Changes to Routes 34 & 134 starting July 18

Changes to Routes 34 & 134 starting July 18

Due to the closure of Pagé Rd. at Brian Coburn, we are rerouting Routes 34 and 134 away from Pagé Rd. and Creek Crossing. We are also extending Route 34 to offer better service to the Trailsedge and Eastboro communities. These changes will bring closer access to transit for some customers, but others may have a slightly longer walk. Map of new routing and affected stops »

Image of New fares in effect

New fares in effect

On July 1, 2016, fares rose an average of 2.5% to keep pace with inflation and the cost of providing transit service. The price of the Community Pass remains the same. 2016 fares prices »

Image of June 7 Technical Briefing

June 7 Technical Briefing

OC Transpo held a technical briefing regarding three reports: Bus Service Identification, OC Transpo 2018 Route Network, and OC Transpo Fare System. This technical briefing is one of many that will be held as we lead up to the opening of the O-Train Confederation Line in 2018. Watch the briefing and read the reports »

Image of New summer service in effect

New summer service in effect

On Sunday, June 19, new summer schedules went into effect on most routes to reflect the lower demand for service in the summer. We made changes to service in Greenboro East, including modifying Routes 43 and 114 to replace Route 143. Read More »

Image of Improved Travel Planner

Improved Travel Planner

OC Transpo’s Travel Planner now provides a full screen Google map to view your route, as well as multiple travel solutions to help you find the best trip. Plan my trip »

Image of Rack & Roll is back until fall

Rack & Roll is back until fall

We have finished installing bike racks on our buses so you can take your bike along for the ride. More than 450 buses, including all those on routes 12, 85, 91, 92, 94, 95, 96, 97, 99, 101, 106 and 118 are equipped with a rack. Use the Travel Planner’s “More options” features to plan your bike-friendly trips. Read More »

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