Use Your Card To Ride

Using your PRESTO card is easy – you simply tap on the PRESTO reader at the door of the bus as you board. Always tap!

A person tapping their PRESTO card to a PRESTO reader

Transit Fare Inspectors will not give any warnings to those who fail to tap their PRESTO card. If you didn't tap and your card isn't loaded with a pass or a valid transfer, you will be ticketed.


If you pay-per-ride, the reader will deduct the cost of the ride when you start your trip. A transfer time is added to your card when you tap – valid for 90 minutes on weekdays, 105 minutes evenings, weekends and holidays.

Sharing a card

A PRESTO card can be used by different people:

  • With a monthly pass, another person can use your card when you aren't using it.
  • If you pay-per-ride, use the balance on your card to pay someone else's fare. Just let the operator know and a second fare will be deducted from your card.

PRESTO cards with discount fares can only be shared by people who are eligible for the discount rate.


If you pay-per-month, the reader will check your card for a current monthly pass. On express buses it checks for an express pass. If your card has a regular-fare pass and you sometimes ride express routes, you can keep a cash balance on your card to pay the “top-up”.

O-train & STO

PRESTO works on the O-Train. It also works on STO buses, with this exception:

  • You cannot pay-per-ride with PRESTO if you start your trip on an STO bus. However, you may use PRESTO to transfer to an STO bus from an OC Transpo bus, if the transfer-time is still valid.

Language Choice

Visit any of the locations below to set or change the language setting on your card to English or French so the PRESTO reader on the bus displays information for you in the language of your choice.

  • OC Transpo Customer Service Centres: Rideau Centre, Lincoln Fields, St. Laurent and Orléans

PRESTO cards in the GTHA

OC Transpo riders can now use the e-purse on their PRESTO card to pay for their transit ride in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area (GTHA), for all PRESTO participating transit systems.

View PDF brochure:

English - PRESTO Information

Download English PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Arabic - 

Download Arabic PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Farsi - 

Download Farsi PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

French - Information PRESTO

Download French PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Mandarin - 

Download Mandarin PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Punjabi - 

Download Punjabi PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Russian - Информация о PRESTO

Download Russian PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Somali - Macluumaadka PRESTO

Download Somali PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

Spanish - Información PRESTO

Download Spanish PRESTO card Easy Service Guide PDF

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