Travel Tips & Safety

With your safety in mind...

To report transit safety issues, please call 613-741-2478

Travel Tips

Schedule times are based on typical driving conditions and may vary. Please arrive at your stop a few minutes early to allow for any fluctuations in schedule. 

Boarding and Exiting

Helpful tips (remember to carry exact change, wait for the bus to come to a complete stop) can be found on this page. Read more about boarding and exiting...


Common sense combined with knowledge of a few rules for riding with OC Transpo will ensure your trip is safe and convenient. Read more about riding...


Familiarize yourself with the Transitway stations you frequent and don't be afraid to flag down an OC Transpo employee if something is wrong. Yellow emergency call boxes, closed-circuit TV cameras, and pay phones with a free, direct, no-dial call to security are just a few of the safety features at most stations. Read more about stations...

Park & Ride

While the Park & Ride lots are patrolled by Special Constables on a regular basis, it's important to lock your car and be aware of emergency call box locations. Read more about Park & Ride lots...


It's important to know the safety precautions when taking the O-Train, especially when boarding and exiting. Read more about the O-train...



A community watch program on wheels, the Transecure program helps citizens and commuters in need every day. Whether it's a safe haven in an OC Transpo vehicle or a direct link to police and emergency services, you can rely on us if you feel threatened or distressed. Read more about the Transecure program...

Night Stop and Taxi Link

After 9 p.m., Transitway stops are combined to one well-lit location for your safety. Bus operators can also let you off at a spot on the route that's closer to your destination, or even call a taxi so you get where you're going safe and sound. Read more about the Night Stop and Taxi Link programs...

Special Constables

Transit Special Constables are sworn Peace Officers whose mandate is to protect transit customers, employees, and property. If you are in need of assistance - even when you're not on the bus or Transitway - they will be more than willing to help. Read more about special constables...

Transit Fines and By-Laws

Customers riding on OC Transpo vehicles must abide by provincial and city by-laws. Those who fail to respect these laws are subject to the consequences. Read more about transit fines and by-laws...

Graffiti and Vandalism

With your help, our transit system can be cleaner and more secure. Read more about graffiti and vandalism...

OC Transpo driver standing infront of a bus

TRANSECURE Outstanding Call of the Month

The TRANSECURE Outstanding Call for October goes to Brian.

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Rider Respect

No scents please.
Consider others and travel scent-free.

Replace Your Card

If your card is lost or stolen, you can purchase a replacement ($6) at any OC Transpo Sales Centre.For registered cards, the account balance can be transferred.

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