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Lees–Hurdman Transitway closure: impacts on service at stations and major destinations

Several service and routing changes go into effect on Sunday, Dec. 20, 2015 as the Transitway closes between Lees and Hurdman Stations for LRT construction. If you are going through any of the affected destinations, use the travel planner to find the best options for your trips this winter.

Click on the tabs below for an overview of important service adjustments at the destination as well as new station or area maps.



Destination Impacts - GatineauDestination Impacts - uOttawaDestination Impacts - Route 95Destination Impacts - HospitalDestination Impacts - Carleton

Transit area
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Highlights of changes
Carleton University
  • New Route 104 (which runs every 4 to 5 minutes at peak times) offers a direct connection between Place d’Orléans Station and Carleton University
  • Extended trips to Carleton on Route 129 are replaced by new Route 104
  • Route 4 is shortened to connect Carleton with downtown
Ottawa Hospital General Campus and CHEO
  • Route 106 extended from Elmvale to St-Laurent station for easier connections from the east to the hospital campus; service from Hurdman maintained
  • Westbound express routes end at Albert/Bay in the morning. For connections to Gatineau, transfer at Albert/ Kent.
  • AM Trips on Routes 27 and 40 will end at Terrasses de la Chaudière instead of going back to LeBreton
  • Route 85 connects Lees Station, uOttawa and downtown via Laurier Ave. and King Edward
  • Route 85 runs 7 days a week; frequency will be determined by the demand
Route 95
  • No longer serves Hurdman
  • Serves Lees Station on eastbound trips only
  • Still serves St-Laurent Station in both directions
  • Still runs 24 hours/day, 7 days/week

Hurdman Station

Summary of Dec. 20 service changes

  • Station remains open
  • Route 95 no longer serves Hurdman
  • West-end express routes no longer serve Hurdman in the morning
  • Routes 85, 114, 176, 192, 261, 262, 263 and 283 no longer serve Hurdman
  • New Route 104 offers service to Hurdman from Orléans
  • Service to Hurdman on Route 106 is maintained but the route is extended eastward to St-Laurent Station
  • Route 103, which replaces Route 101 between St-Laurent and Place d’Orléans, does not serve Hurdman

Hurdman Station Layout effective Dec. 20

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Bus stops and routes

Stop # Routes
1B 40 Blossom Park
41 Walkley
43 Conroy
87 South Keys
97 Airport/Aéroport
98 Hawthorne
99 Barrhaven Centre
104 Carleton
106 St-Laurent via Elmvale
116 Merrivale & Colonnade
118 Kanata
140 McCarthy
146 South Keys
148 Elmvale
149 Elmvale
199 Barrhaven Centre
451 Lansdowne
1C 6 Tunney's Pasture
8 Gatineau
86 Baseline &Colonnade
92 Terry Fox & Stittsville
96 Terry Fox & Stittsville
101 Bayshore
403 Centre Canadian Tire Centre
Stop # Routes
2A 8 Billings Bridge
86 Elmvale
92 St-Laurent
96 St-Laurent
101 St-Laurent
2C 9 Centre Rideau Centre & Bank
40 Gatineau & LeBreton
87 Carlingwood & Baseline
97 Bayshore & Bells Corners
98 Tunney's Pasture
99 LeBreton
106 LeBreton
121 Blair
129 Carson's



Lees Station

Summary of Dec. 20 service changes

  • Lower level closed; upper level remains open
  • In the morning, west-end express routes no longer serve Lees station
  • Route 85 connects Lees Station to downtown and uOttawa
  • Most routes no longer stop at Lees Station.
  • Routes 6, 16, 85, 101 and 103 stop at the upper level, on Lees Avenue.
  • Routes 91, 95 and 98 stop at the upper level, and only in the eastbound direction.

Lees Station Layout effective Dec. 20

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Bus stops and routes

Stop# Route
3A 6 Tunney's Pasture
16 Main/Hospital
101 Bayshore
103 Bayshore
3B 91 Orléans
95 Orléans/Trim
98 Hawthorne
Stop# Route
4A 6 Hurdman
16 Britannia
101 St-Laurent
103 Place d'Orléans
4B 16 Britannia
4C 85 Bayshore

Blair Station

Summary of Dec. 20 service changes at Blair Station

  • Orléans-bound express routes bypass Blair to reduce travel times for Orléans residents
  • For service from Blair to Place d’Orléans, use Route 91, 95 or 104 (combined service on these routes in the afternoon is about every 2 minutes)

Blair Station Layout effective Dec. 20

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Bus stops and routes

Stop Route
1A 12 Rideau
24 Beacon Hill
91 Orléans
94 Millennium
95 Orléans
103 Place d'Orléans
104 Place d'Orléans
121 Hurdman
124 Beacon Hill
124 St-Laurent
126 Pineview
128 Blackburn Hamlet
129 Carson's
130 Millennium
193 Place d'Orléans
194 Canotek
199 Place d'Orléans
202 Cumberland
231 Navan
619 Louis Riel
Stop Route
2A 24 Albert Bay
91 Baseline
95 Barrhaven Centre
103 Bayshore
104 Carleton
199 Barrhaven
202 St-Laurent
2B 94 Riverview
121 Blair
123 Beacon Hill
129 Hurdman
451 Lansdowne
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