Light Rail Rapid Transit

The O-Train is an eight kilometre light-rail service running from Greenboro Station in the south to Bayview Transitway station just west of downtown Ottawa. O-Train service uses Bombardier Talent BR643 DMU diesel-powered vehicles, with seating for 135, plus room for 150 standees.

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Ottawa's Light Rail website:  www.ottawalightrail.ca


Park and Ride

Park and Ride connections to the O-Train are available for over 600 vehicles at Greenboro Station.


The O-Train is fully accessible to people with mobility devices.

  • Assistive devices up to 30 inches (762 mm) wide by 60 inches (1525 mm) long can be accommodated on the O-Train.
  • People with wheelchairs, mobility aids, or with strollers should board at the centre doors. 
  • A blue accessibility logo is painted on the station platform as a guide.
  • The designated accessible area is located inside next to the doors. 
  • Remember to set your brakes, if applicable. 
  • If the fold-down seats in the accessible area are occupied, politely ask the occupants to yield their seats. If necessary, you can ask the operator, via the emergency intercom near the doors, to make a priority-seating announcement.


NEW PRESTO fare options for the O-Train:

New PRESTO card readers have been installed and are operational at all O-Train Stations.

Upon entering the Proof of Purchase zone at the O-Train stations, PRESTO card users will now be able to tap onto the PRESTO card readers installed on the O-Train platforms, which deduct the appropriate e-Purse fare or confirm a monthly pass or transfer.

All regular PRESTO e-Purse and monthly pass fares apply for the O-Train. Children are not required to tap on to board the O-Train.



PRESTO card readers have been installed at the Bayview, Carling, Carleton, Confederation, and Greenboro O-Train stations which will provide seamless transition between the O-Train and OC Transpo buses.

Upon entering the Proof of Purchase zone at the O-Train stations, PRESTO card users will now be able to tap onto the PRESTO card readers installed on the O-Train platforms, which deduct the appropriate e-Purse fare or confirm a monthly pass or transfer.

When transferring to an OC Transpo bus, customers will tap onto the PRESTO card readers, confirming a monthly pass or transfer and, when requested by Fare Inspectors, provide their PRESTO card for validation.

Children are not required to tap their PRESTO card when using the O-Train.

Valid fares for the O-Train:

  • O-Train ticket
  • PRESTO card
  • Regular bus pass
  • Bus transfer
  • DayPass
  • STO bus passes and bus transfers
  • Children 5 and under ride free on the O-Train. 
  • Registered Para Transpo customers can ride the O-Train for FREE -- but remember to be prepared to provide your registration number to Fare Inspectors.

Cash and bus tickets are NOT ACCEPTED on the O-Train.

O-Train Tickets

O-Train tickets are sold from the vending machine near the entrance of each O-Train station platform. They can be exchanged for a transfer when you board a bus.

The O-Train ticket vending machines are solar-powered, more accessible, and can be reprogrammed remotely. The ticket machines accept coins (except pennies) and credit cards (Mastcard, Visa and American Express), which is beneficial for many customers, especially visitors. The machine does not give change. If there is a machine malfunction and it cannot print a ticket for you, your money will be refunded automatically.

The ticket design is black and red on white, with terms and conditions printed on the reverse. They are valid on the date shown until the expiry time, similar to a POP transfer, but they do not have a 2-digit security code.

The O-Train operates on the POP system which means customers must have 'proof of payment' and present it on request, whether they're on the O-Train or the station platform.

For pricing visit Transit Fares

O-Train Tickets on Buses

O-Train tickets are accepted a regular fare on buses. Top up is required to board express routes.

If you purchase an O-Train ticket to ride the O-Train and then transfer to a bus, keep your O-Train ticket to use as your Proof of Payment (POP).


  • On the platform, stand behind the yellow safety line.
  • Be sure you have your proof of payment - pass, transfer or O-Train ticket - before you board.
  • Wait behind the yellow line until the train comes to a full stop. Do not wait on the extenders.
  • The doors of the train will line up with the platform extenders - this is where you board - but please let passengers exit first.
  • To open the doors, press the exterior door button when it turns green. Never pry open or hold open the doors.


If you're a cyclist, board at the door with the bicycle logo. Hold onto your bike in the designated area adjacent to the door.


  • The train stops automatically at each station. You do not need to signal or request your stop.
  • Proceed to an exit when your stop is announced. When the green button on the door lights up, press it to open the doors. Watch your step as you exit.


The train is equipped with many emergency features, such as a door release and fire extinguishers. In the event of an emergency, please follow the operator's instructions. If you need to speak with the operator in an emergency, such as passenger illness or a disturbance, use the intercom located near each exit door. Read more...

Station Safety

Station platforms are monitored by CCTV cameras and are patrolled by OC Transpo Law Enforcement Officers. If you need assistance, ask any OC Transpo employee for help or use a yellow emergency callbox located in each station shelter. For a more private conversation, each station has a payphone with a free auto-dial button that connects you to Security.

To report vandalism or other transit safety issues, you can also call 613-741-2478.

Track Safety

For your safety, stay clear of the tracks, except at designated pedestrian crossings. At designated crossings, do not cross when the signals are flashing. The trains are quiet and can approach more quickly than they appear to be travelling. At Carleton University pedestrians should cross at the underpass just south of the station.

To report vandalism or other transit safety issues, you can also call 613-741-2478.

Stylized OC Transpo bus. Image text: The Ticket on sale here


Tickets and passes available at over 300 vendors! Find a vendor close to you.

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OC Transpo's route planning and consultation program, where riders have a chance to provide ideas and input.

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