LRT construction extended west to Tunney’s Pasture on June 24

The Transitway from Merton Street to Tunney’s Pasture station is closing on June 24. Tunney’s Pasture station will remain open. Starting Monday, June 27,  all buses will serve a new platform on the upper level of Tunney’s Pasture. Over the weekend of June 24 to 26, temporary detours will be in place at Westboro and Tunney’s Pasture during the transition to the new platform.

Weekend detour at Westboro and Tunney’s Pasture Stations

Friday, June 24 at 7 pm to Sunday, June 26, end of service day

Map of June 24 to 26 weekend detour at Tunney's PastureFrom Friday, June 24 at 7 pm until the end of service on Sunday, June 26, the Transitway section from Westboro to Tunney’s Pasture will be temporarily closed. Buses will travel along Scott Street.

At Westboro Station

The lower-level of Westboro Station temporary closes. All buses serve upper-level platform:

  • Eastbound buses serve stop 4A
  • Westbound buses serve stop 3A

At Tunney’s Pasture Station

Buses are detoured through and around the station:

  • Eastbound buses serve the stop on Scott Street East
  • Westbound buses serve stop 4A on the south side of the station
  • Routes 16 and 86 eastbound serve a new stop on Holland, south of Scott

New Tunney’s Pasture Station layout effective Monday, June 27

Tunney's Pasture station layout for On Track 2018 construction effective June 27

A new station platform opens at Tunney’s Station on Monday, June 27.

  • Pedestrian can access the station via Scott Street and Yarrow Driveway
  • New stop on Holland, just south of Scott, replaces current stop on south side of Scott, just east of Holland
  • STO service available on Tunney’s Pasture Driveway
Tunney's Pasture Routes and Stops effective Monday, June 27
Route Destination Stop
6 Hurdman A
16 Main On Scott
16 Britannia On Holland
60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69 Mackenzie King (AM) A
60, 61, 62, 64, 65, 66, 68, 69 Westbound (PM) C
67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 77 Mackenzie King (AM) A
67, 70, 71, 72, 73, 77 Nepean (PM) D
86 86B Baseline, 86C Colonnade B
86 Elmvale On Holland
87 Carlingwood, Baseline D
87 South Keys A
91 Baseline D
91 Orléans, Trim A
93 Kanata N. (AM) C
93 LeBreton (PM) A
94 Millennium A
94 Riverview D
95 Baseline, Fallowfield, Barrhaven C. D
95 Orléans, Trim A
92, 96 Terry Fox, Stittsville C
92, 96 St-Laurent A
97 Bayshore C
97 South Keys, Airport A
98 Hawthorne A
105 Gatineau A
150 Lincoln Fields A
151 Merivale A
159 Tunney’s Pasture A
164 Stonehaven (AM) C
164 LeBreton (PM) A
176 Barrhaven C., MacFarlane (PM) B
176 LeBreton, Mackenzie King (AM) On Holland
261, 262, 263, 283 Mackenzie King (AM) A
261, 262, 263, 283 Stittsville (PM) C
403 Canadian Tire Centre C
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