Types of Routes

Operating in Ottawa

Several types of service and bus routes are available, based on the frequency of service, the geographical area served, and the fare category.

O-Train Light Rail

The O-Train is a light-rail rapid transit service running from Greenboro Station in the south end of Ottawa, north through Carleton University campus, to Bayview Station on the Transitway, just west of downtown.

» O-Train

» Ottawa's Light Rail website: www.ottawalightrail.ca

Rapid Transit Routes (Transitway)

High frequency rapid transit service is provided along the Transitway and other major corridors by 7 major routes, numbered between 93 and 99. On central parts of the Transitway, rapid transit buses travel every minute or two during weekday rush hours, and service is available 24 hours a day.

Transitway features include park & ride lots, stations, sales centres, and dedicated bus-only roadways.

Regular-Crosstown and Mainline

Regular routes operate all day long, generally 7 days a week. At bus stops, regular service is indicated by black-coloured numerals on the bus stop sign.

Crosstown and mainline service is provided by black routes numbered between 1 and 118, which travel along major corridors throughout the city, connecting neighbourhoods and major destinations.


Regular local routes provide all-day service within a community, and connect the community to mainline or Rapid Transit service at a Transitway station. Local routes are numbered 120 to 199.


Express routes run weekday rush hours, and require premium fare. Express routes provide direct, quick trips from suburban communities to downtown and back during rush hours. At bus stops, express service is indicated by green-coloured numerals on the bus stop sign.

Some of the express routes also operate to and from communities outside the urban transit area, including: Cumberland Village, Carlsbad Springs, Gloucester South, Kars, Leitrim, Manotick, Munster Hamlet, Navan, North Gower, Notre-Dame-des-Champs, Richmond and Vars.

» Express Routes


Peak-only routes run weekday rush hours only, but do not require Express premium fare. Peak routes, which are indicated by red numerals on bus stop signs, operate to major employment areas, including many industrial and suburban employment centres, as well as downtown.


School routes operate to and from primary and secondary schools. These routes are numbered between 600 and 699. Some local and other regular routes also have designated school trips operating on a portion of the route.

» School Routes

» University/College service

Rural Shoppers Service

Rural residents have a convenient way to get into town for shopping, appointments and more, with the Rural Shoppers routes 201, 202, 203, 204 and 205. Each route serves a different rural community and operates one trip a week, arriving in town around 10 a.m., with return trips leave the shopping centres at 2:30 p.m. 

Until further notice, service is FREE on routes 201-205:

  • 201  Richmond /Stittsville
  • 202  Navan / Sarsfield / Cumberland 
  • 203  Dunrobin / Carp
  • 204  Metcalfe / Greely
  • 205  Manotick / North Gower / Kars

» More info on the Rural Weekly Shoppers' Bus service

Connexion 400 -- Canadian Tire Centre Events

Special events service is provided to the Canadian Tire Centre for all major events, including NHL hockey games and concerts. The Canadian Tire Centre service — known as the Connexion 400 Service — is provided by routes numbered 400 to 406, and operates from major Transitway stations and park & ride lots.

» Connexion 400 Service

Charters to Special Events

Chartered service is also provided to other special events, such as the Winterlude Snobus.

» Chartered bus service

Rural Partners

Many communities outside the City of Ottawa have bus service that is not provided by OC Transpo, but is organized under a series of routes numbered in the 500's. Many of these services offer transfer agreements with OC Transpo services. Fares and schedules are set by the Rural Partner Company.

» Rural Partner Routes

(STO) Société de Transport de l’Outaouais

STO operates buses within Gatineau, Québec and between Gatineau and downtown Ottawa. STO and OC Transpo have reciprocal fare and transfer arrangements which permit easy commuting using both systems.

» Transferring between OC Transpo and STO

» www.sto.ca

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