Get Your PRESTO Card

New PRESTO cards will cost $6 – starting August 15.

OC Transpo will soon have distributed 200,000 complimentary “no-fee” PRESTO cards. Until now the standard $6 card fee has been waived - courtesy of OC Transpo and Metrolinx, the provincial agency that provides PRESTO services.

As of August 14, 145,000 cards will already be in circulation in the Ottawa area. Another 55,000 complimentary cards have been set aside for EcoPass users, students, and selected community groups who will also soon make the switch to PRESTO. Distribution of the remaining “no-fee” cards is scheduled for EcoPass workplaces, college campuses, and at selected community centres. See below for dates and locations.

  • PRESTO cards cannot be used until you buy a pass or put money on your card.
  • Load your card online or in person at a sales centre.

Here's where you can get a card:

Online at

  • $6 card fee (as of August 15, 2013)
  • Minimum $10 purchase
  • BUY EARLY! - Allow 7 days for delivery
  • Register your card after you get it

In Person

  • OC Transpo Sales Centres: Rideau Centre, Lincoln Fields, St.Laurent and Place d’Orléans
  • City of Ottawa Client Services Centres: City Hall, Ben Franklin, and Kanata
    • 8:30 am to 4:30 pm Monday-Friday * A discounted fare can only be set on your card at an OC Transpo Sales Centre with proof of eligibility
  • $6 card fee (as of August 15)
  • Minimum $10 purchase

ECOPASS USERS July, August, September & October

OC Transpo Will Visit :

Exchange your ECOPASS  for a new complimentary PRESTO card. The exchange will be timed to coincide with your last ECOPASS payroll deduction.

ECOPASS October See Schedule


Present your PRESTO card at an OC Transpo Sales Centre with proof of eligibility. We will set the discount on your card.

Seniors   |   Students   |   Community Pass Users


You cannot use PRESTO to ride on Para Transpo. Continue to use paper tickets, passes or cash.


Paper passes and tickets are still available at OC Transpo vendors across the city.

OC Transpo bus driving quickly on the Transitway

Express homebound/outbound

Regular fare on Express routes, at selected bus stops

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Woman holding a PRESTO card


PRESTO cards cannot be used until you buy a pass or put money on your card. 

Load your card online or in person at a sales centre. 

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Text 560-560 for bus arrival times

Get real-time bus schedules ... via text-messages on your cell!

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