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Travel Tips & Safety

Park & Ride lots have been experiencing tremendous popularity, which is straining capacity and, with winter weather, will further restrict space in the lots. You can help maintain safety and traffic flow in the lots by parking in designated parking spaces only. Lanes need to be clear for safe passage of vehicles, especially emergency vehicles.

Please remember:

  • park in designated parking spaces only,
  • observe and obey all rules and regulatory signs,
  • do not park in prohibited areas, non-designated parking or reserved parking areas unless you have authority to do so, for example, permit-parking areas, handicap parking or temporary drop off/pick up zones.

If your vehicle is parked in an unauthorized area, it may be ticketed and/or towed at your expense. The By-Law for illegal parking or stopping in an emergency access route or fire lane will be strictly enforced and vehicles will be towed.

Park & Ride lots are well-lit, equipped with emergency callboxes, and have live monitoring via closed-circuit cameras. However, as with most public parking lots, you should take precautions to secure your vehicle as you're responsible for any loss or damage that may occur.

  • Lock your vehicle, roll up windows, and remove valuables or store them out of sight when you Park & Ride. Important: Check it out before you reenter your vehicle!
  • Special Constables patrol Park & Ride lots regularly and we ensure that areas are well lit, open and visible.
  • Yellow emergency call boxes are installed in every Park & Ride lot and will connect you directly with our Security Control Centre should you need assistance.
  • Remember to turn off your lights, roll up your windows and lock your vehicle.
  • Keep valuables out of sight, preferably locked in the trunk.
  • Don’t hide spare keys in your vehicle; keep vehicle and house keys on separate rings.
  • Keep to well-lit areas and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Don’t hesitate to report suspicious persons near your vehicle or in the lot. Do not approach them. Find a nearby yellow emergency call box and report the situation.

If your vehicle has been vandalized; missing or if you have security concerns, use a yellow emergency callbox or contact the Transit Law Communications Centre at 613-741-2478.


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