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Daily route changes resulting from detours and cancelled trips are listed here by OC Transpo staff on weekdays, Saturdays until 9 pm and Sundays until 5 pm.

For Travel Planning assistance at a Transitway Station, please call 613-741-4390 or press the free "Info" button on any Bell telephone in the station. For emergency assistance, use the nearest yellow emergency callbox.

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Nepean Woods station - Detour Route 176Read More

Starting Friday Nov 14th until further notice, the following detour will be in effect for route 176 at Nepean Woods Station.

Route 176 Northbound: From Nepean Woods Station: left roadway to Strandherd, left Strandherd, left Woodroffe, continue regular route.

*Customers can board route 176 on the south side of the platform.

Albert Street Construction Route 16Read More

Starting Monday, June 9, route 16 will not service stop #7329 located at Albert/City Centre. This is to bypass construction along Albert Street. Please catch route 16 at Albert/Preston or at Albert/Bayview Station.

Belfast Detour Route 18Read More

Starting on Monday June 2 until early 2015, route 18 will be on detour due to road rehabilitation. Bus stops on Belfast between Coventry and Tremblay will not be in use. Temporary bus stops are located on Coventry between Vanier and Lola. 

Map for Route 18, Belfast Road Detour

Bus stops NOT in use (560 #) during the detour:
18 St. Laurent:
#8586 -- Belfast/Coventry
#7117 -- Coventry/Belfast 

18 Rideau Centre:
#7118 -- Coventry/Belfast
#5867 -- Belfast/Coventry

Temporary stop is available at:
#1350 -- Coventry/Lola
#1351 -- Coventry/Lola

Belfast Detour Route 94, 95Read More

Starting Monday, May 19 until early 2015, there will be a detour for the early morning trips (before 6 AM) on routes 94 and 95 along Belfast Road. Although all regular bus stops will be served, the detour may cause some short delays.

Map for Route 94 & 95, Belfast Road Detour

No bus stops will be missed during this detour. 

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